If you are looking at customized wardrobes for your home in Chennai, you have come to the right place. We design, build and install modular wardrobe systems and customize them for you. We have various finishes available for you and the accessories to suit each of your desired function.

The internals of wardrobes are very important as they provide the functionality. We can equip your wardrobe with pull out systems, saree and trouser holders, tie and belt holders, multi-purpose storage baskets, jewellery basket, tandem lifts, hanger rod with pull out options, shoe racks, pull out mirrors etc. Also we can make the door opening systems as per your design – various types of sliding doors, slide and fold, open type etc.

For wardrobe customization following parameters can be looked into;

1) Storage - The items to be stored in each section, these may depend on the storage required for folded clothes, hanging clothes which can have separate section for men and women, occasional clothing, jewellery storage, daily make over, dressing area etc. These storage can be different for different rooms; it will vary between master bedroom, children’s room, guest bedroom etc. Today many accessories are also available to make the wardrobe more accessible. We can completely customise each wardrobe to suit each individual requirement.

2) Aesthetics - This forms the overall finish of the wardrobe, there are many options available today. The external appearance should be in alignment to the overall interior of the specific room. It has to be decided keeping in mind; the paint shade, curtain fabric and shade, door stain, bed and side table stain and design, wallpaper selected etc. Depending on the budget, these finishes are plenty; it can range from basic laminate, textured laminate, gloss laminate, foils in matt or gloss, lacquered or painted, natural wood etc.

3) Door Mechanism - There are different systems available for the door / shutter opening and closing. These can be as basic as normal hinge operation to slide and fold to very high end sliding systems with soft closing mechanism. These again are decided based on the customer’s budget allocation for each wardrobe.

If you would like to have your wardrobes customized in Chennai, please feel free to Talk to us!!

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