Trends of Indian Kitchens

Trends of Indian Kitchens

06 June 2017

Kitchen Cabinet is essential part of a kitchen that adds value to the kitchen and brings a fine visual excellence to it. Kitchen cabinet makes the kitchen organized and easily accessible. The kitchen cabinets are durable and are the pride and joy of the owner.

In current market of modular kitchens, designers search for innovative kitchen cabinets ideas that enable maximum utilization of space and materials at minimal cost without compromising on looks. Though wood is the obvious choice of everyone it is expensive and now designers are offering other alternatives like medium density fiberboard, particle board and other artificial options.The kinds of cabinets that are usually used in most modular kitchens are Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets or Overhead Cabinets and Tall Cabinets.

Base Cabinets are those which are placed below the granite slab of the kitchen. They form the support structure of the modular kitchens and can house various kinds of kitchen accessories. They can comprise of drawers, shelves, various types of stainless steel baskets and other accessories. A lot of storage can be created even if the kitchen is just made of Base Cabinets. A modular kitchen is said to be incomplete without its Base Cabinets.

Wall Cabinets or Overhead Cabinets are those that are placed above the granite slab, on the wall. Although almost every Modular kitchen is made with wall cabinets included, they are optional if you are on a budget. Wall cabinets can be designed in a number of ways since they are more flexible to design than Base Cabinets which are usually a little standardized. Though their depths are lesser than Base Cabinets, they can create a lot of storage space even in small kitchen spaces.Tall Cabinets are generally not present in most modular kitchens. They are usually made in kitchen spaces which are larger than average. These cabinets are useful for extra items like groceries, pickle jars, ready to eat packed foods etc in the kitchen area.

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