Renovate Your Kitchen Now

Renovate Your Kitchen Now

13 April 2017

Modular Kitchens consists of modules of kitchen cabinets to hold accessories, which can facilitate effective use of space in a kitchen.

Modular kitchens normally constitutes wooden cabinets, counter tops, internal accessories, electro domestic gadgets like chimney, hob, built-in-oven, sink with or without drain board and in some cases a refrigerator, dishwasher or other gadgets.

With the changing lifestyle and hectic work hours the demand for convenient facilities and better organization for efficient & fast services are on rise. The style, convenience, ergonomics and efficient use of space made modular kitchens the best preferred solution. Style and looks are key components of a modular kitchens and a well-recognized brand brings in the zing factor to provide better customer satisfaction.

Another most important feature of the modular kitchens is for its neat looks and elegant design which makes cooking an experience. These kitchens are generally straight in line with the panels which are either glass or wood.

In India the requirements of a Modular kitchens are different since the materials had to last for a longer tenure because of the harsh weather and working conditions. Generally plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fiber) board is used but solid wood with the best veneer/ lacquer/acrylic finish makes them the best particularly for Indian cooking which is on a daily basis.

It can bear the ware and tare for a longer duration. The storages are modules or boxes made with precision disallowing any cracks or cervices and without any screws which makes the kitchen devoid of any pests or insects.

With the growing market, the modular kitchens segment is bringing in innovative products and fittings to compete with the changing requirement. A modular kitchens is now not only to maximize the use of a small space but also to organize a large area more efficiently. Today it has become a style statement & a status symbol and has changed the character of a conventional kitchen.

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