From Basic to Designer series with Wall and Island Chimneys; more than 40 models to choose from! With various designs, controls (push buttons & digital) and suction capacities. KAFF Kitchen Chimneys are available in SS, White & Black finishes with contemporary and modern designs. Chimneys are required to take the smoke/fumes which are generated due to cooking and keeps the kitchen clean and healthy.Kitchen appliances provides Kaff Chimney in Chennai

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Built-in Stoves / KAFF hobs are available in both SS, Black & White tempered Glass finishes. Options are available in 2, 3, 4 & 5 burners. KAFF also has Cooktops, Induction hobs, built-in griller and fryer. Built-in stoves / hobs are installed into the counter top and you can have either cylinder gas or piped gas connected to it. Built-in stoves / Hobs come in varied sizes starting at 300mm upto 900mm. Built-in hobs have become a common element in most modular kitchens as it makes the design look better. The granite is cut as per size and the hob is inserted into that space and it defintely gives a better appeal to the kitchen.

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KAFF built-in ovens or Integrated Ovens are multi-functional with Convection, Grill & Rotisserie (thermostat up to 250 degrees). Both Mechanical control with automatic cut off timer and digital controls along with Black, White and SS color options are available. Like Hob, built-in ovens are also installed into the kitchen cabinets and they make your kitchen look better.

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KAFF has 4 models of built-in microwaves (28, 30, 32L) available with convection and grill options. Built-in microwave oven or Integrated Microwave Ovens are installed seamlessly into the kitchen cabinets and it becomes part of your overall modular kitchen design. It gives the kitchen a better finished look.

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KAFF Dishwashers ensure that your dishware is as hygienic as your cooking. They are fully automatic and sanitize your cooking and serving utensils without you having to lift a finger. You don't have to worry about breakages either. They pamper your delicate and elegant bone chine dishes and make short work of the greasy large utensils too with their gentle, yet powerful washing action.

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KAFF wine cooler / wine fridge have various models with storage capacity ranging 16-140 bottles and have dual temperature options. KAFF wine cooler / wine fridge are with glass front and stainless steel rims and has both built-in and standalone models. Proper storage of wine is essential for the enjoyment of the wine.

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Cooking Range

Here is the healthy, hygienic way to cook, bake and grill at the same time. And save time, too. Kaff's Cooking Range is all about the form, function and capabilities of multi dimensional cooking. Stylish and convenient, it gives you three healthy and delicious ways to prepare your meals, every day.

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Built in Refrigerator

KAFF Built-In Refrigerators are a cool way to keep food fresher and healthier, for longer. They incorporate the advanced air purification system - Silver-Oxy Technology. This means that the unique, anti-bacterial liner of these refrigerators release silver ions, which in turn generate active oxygen to sterilize the interiors. This blocks the growth of germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria. It keeps your food fresher, for longer and results in healthy eating for you and your family!

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Cook Tops

Gas cooktops are designed to enhance experience in the kitchen with their vibrant, unique & appealing design.

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Ventilating Fans

KAFF has more than a dozen exhaust fans with innovative designs and finishes. KAFF ventilating fan models suit both fixing on the ceiling and also on the wall and the CBM ranges from 160-320. The designs are quite appealing and will merge with the rooms layout.

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