04 January 2017

Perfection exists in versatility. This synchronizes best with the new marvel in kitchen. With its optimum level of functionality and convenience offered, built – in kitchens are real booms for today’s smart working women. An oven is one of the most loved gadgets of a Modern Kitchens.Built – in ovens are designed to give your kitchen a stylish and modern look. Built – in ovens has always been committed to make the cooking experience a joyous affair.

In this busy life when time is always a crunch, Oven is no less than a boon. Oven is a best buddy device that can not only prepare the food in a few minutes, but also retain its nutritional value without compromising on the taste.

Built – in ovens fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets and can even be installed at eye level, thereby making your baking process hassle- free, easy and safe.

Built – in ovens comes with multiple functions that enhance the efficiency to a higher degree and also incredibly within the budget. Built – in oven come with futuristic designs and features that make preparing meals easy and fast, especially during morning hours. The elegantly styled built – in ovens not only matches the modern look of the kitchen but its generous capacity will make both every day cooking and party cooking more easy and fun.

Built – in oven come with the unique 6th sense perfect Bake Feature aids with intuitive cooking technology which automatically senses weight and adjusts cooking time hence enabling absolute hassle free cooking. Built – in ovens comes with futuristic features, designed to give you an incomparable combination of heath, performance and style. Elegant designs and a variety of high performance features make it easy to cook like a pro.


1. Built – in oven comes with convenient height which saves lots of time without letting you curve your back to peer into a hot oven.

2. As it is easy accessible in height, one is less to likely to drop a hot curry, dal and other foods as no need to bend down.

3. Cleaning and removing tough stains of food remains is now easy and less time consuming.

4. Most of the built – in ovens comes with stainless steel body with the capacity of 40 to 90 litres.

5. Built – in oven comes with 2 different options digital display and manual programming.

6. Comes with Grill function that spreads heat widely and evenly across the grill pan.

7. The fan system helps to distribute the heat evenly around the oven, so the food is fresh and hot from every side.

8. Sturdy features like fan- assisted oven, electric grill and two-layer glass oven door provides perfect cooking conditions for all types of recipes.

9. The 3 different shelf positions are an added USP which gives the liberty to cook 3 different dishes at the same time without mixing the flavour and aroma of each other.

10. With the advantage of convection bright lights and electronic ignition system, KAFFBuilt-In Ovens are a sheer display of design and technology work.


1. Reheating process takes more time as the capacity is more.

2. Built – in oven have placement and installation restrictions, they do not work well in some kitchen designs.

3. Built – in oven requires installation inside cabinets.


Price ranges from 30,000 to 85,000 depending upon the models.

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