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J STILO's Contemporary Modular Kitchen takes the form and function of modern style and pairs it with the comfort of traditional cooking style. The contemporary kitchen design focuses on high functionality . Our Modular Kitchens combine intelligent use of space with functionality and design and is known for its unmatchable quality and hassle free performance. Elegant kitchen design, practicality, ease of movement makes our contemporary kitchens extremely versatile, iconic and classy. It offers lightness, solidity and functionality at one time. We also focus on sourcing the highest grade of raw material and use high quality, durable fittings and hardware in the products. These kitchens can have any layout and is not space dependent. However, the more room you have the easier it is to create an open feel within the kitchen itself. Smaller L-shaped, U-shaped, and one walled Kitchens are most common. Our range of finishes for Contemporary Kitchens are PU Lacquer, Membrane, Acrylic, Planilaque Glass, Ceramic, Glaks and Super Matte gives our clients a wide range of options to choose from.

  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • BWP/BWR Marin Ply with PU Lacquer
  • HDF with PU Lacquer
  • High Gloss Surface Finish.
  • PU painting used are polyester/ primer coating with 100 – 200 microns.
  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • HDF with Membrane
  • MDF with Membrane
  • German high gloss, designer wood grains and standard foils.
  • Foils used are 400 micron thick Anti Scratch and UV Coated.

HG Black

HG Blood Red

HG Bouerdex Red

Hg Makassar Ebony

HG Pine

HG Silver

HG White

Needle Black

Knotty Walnut

Kroko Leather

Microline Green

Samua Teak


Olive Green

Tuscan Cherry

Tuscan Wenge


Prugna Rosales

  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • BWP with Acrylic
  • BWR with Acrylic
  • HDF with Acrylic
  • MDF with Acrylic
  • Edge banding on four sides that are pressed on shutters with PUR which leaves no glue line.
  • Technically Engineered materials aid aesthetic looks
  • 1.4 mm acrylic with same edge banding

JS-01 Bianco

JS-02 Avorio

JS-03 Graffite

JS-04 Tortora

JS-05 Rosso

JS-06 Caffe

JS-07 Melanzana

JS-08 Carbonio Nero

JS-09 Pavone

JS-10 Verda Olivia

JS-11 Azzurro

JS-12 Giallo

JS-13 Arancione

JS-14 Ebano

JS-15 Acciaio Spazzoloto

JS-16 Beige Met

JS-17 Italco Grey

JS-18 Georgio Grey



Cafe Laquer Matt


Tortora Opaco Matt


  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • BWR ply with Planilaque Glass
  • HDF with Planilaque Glass
  • Alu Frame with Planilaque Glass
  • 4mm Saint GobainPlanilaque Glass
  • It combines the beauty and clarity of lacquered glass which is also easy to maintain.

Cool Earth

Extra White

Choco Brown


Mint Green

Solar Yellow

Almond Green

Opera Red

Calm Sky

Olive Green

Casis Purple

Argent Metallise


Vert Onyx Metallise

Sky Blue

Lemon Yellow

Petal Pink


Flame Red

Fusion Orange

Atoll Blue

Aqua Blue

Pista Green

ULtra White

Titanium Grey


  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • BWP with Ceramic
  • BWR with Ceramic
  • Superior Tough Surface and Scratch proof.
  • Easy to clean, UV and Scratch Resistant.
  • 3mm stone finished ceramic layer pasted on plywood as well as aluminium profiles

JS-01 Arctic White

JS-02 Phedra

JS-03 Barro

JS-04 Belgian Blue

JS-05 Mela

JS-06 Timber Oak

JS-07 Timber Ice

JS-08 Basalt Black

JS-09 Basalt Grey

JS-10 Iron Copper

JS-11 Iron Moss

JS-12 Iron Corten

  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • BWP plywood with super matte acrylic
  • BWR plywood with super matte acrylic
  • Premium Smooth Surface & Scratch resistant.

JS 01 Bianco Brilliante

JS 02 Bianco Puro

JS 03 Cachemire

JS 04 Grigio Avorio

JS 05

JS 06 Grigio Graffite

JS 07 Nero

  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • BWP Plywood with Glaks
  • BWR Plywood with Glaks
  • Excellent alternative to glass
  • Chamfering on sides and v-grooming on the surface if possible.





At J STILO, we pride ourselves on the use of high-quality products that have been customized for your use. We have strong quality control systems in place to ensure that nothing but the best is dispatched against your order. Such is our commitment to quality that we offer a 5-7 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. This means that all that you order from us will be covered right from the day of installation. We also provide three free servicesover the period of 12 months from the date of handover.

Once you have finalized on your design and the order confirmed, the estimated time of delivery is 30-45 days via standard delivery option. The delivery date is calculated from the date of order confirmation date or final measurement, whichever is later.

While we ensure that you receive your orders within the delivery time indicated in our shipping policies, the unexpected is not something we have control over. In the case of such unforeseen or uncontrollable events, there may be a delay in delivery. As an esteemed customer, we will be in constant touch with you to apprise of any changes in delivery schedules.

For the standard designs, we expect 50% in advance to procure and start the manufacturing process. The balance will be expected once items are completely manufactured and ready for shipment.

For customized interior turnkey solutions we follow a 10-40-50 payment policy. We expect 10% of approximate initial budgeted estimate as advance, which will subsequently be adjusted against the total cost of the project if you decide to take things forward with our design. The next 40% will be expected on finalization of the order and the last 50% must be paid once material is ready for shipment.

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