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Upto 7 years warranty*

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J STILO's Basic kitchens are definitely easy to maintain and are scratch-resistant, waterproof and retain its looks for years.  These kitchens are available in a variety of colours and shades, it can also be classified into textured, high gloss and matte. Since it is a printed surface, made to look like wood, and bonded to a composite base, it is extremely durable and resists scratches and stains. They are easy to maintain and are known for their durability and reliability. Basic Kitchens are easy to maintain  and it is designed and manufactured under the observation of our team of professionals by utilising superior quality raw materials and advanced machines. Our design experts ensure maximum utilisation of space and offer you an exclusive Modular Kitchen which not only easily catches your attention but also adds a distinct ambience to your home.

  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • BWP Plywood
  • BWR Plywood
  • MR Ply
  • HDF Board
  • MDF Board
  • HMR Particle board
  • Merino or Equivalent brand with matching PVC Edge band finish.
  • An Array of colour surfaces to choose from.

Balinese Oak


Ocean Recon

Wallis Plum

JS-01 Royal White

JS-02 Mysore Ivory

JS-O4 Parrot Green

JS-05 Red

JS-07 Berry Bunch

JS-08 Autumn Leaf

JS-09 Poppy

JSG-01 Highland Pine

JSG-02 Balinese Pine

JSG-03 Douglas Pine

JSG-04 Brown Oak

JSG-05 Balinese Pine

JSG-06 Lorriane Walnut

JSG-07 Alaskan Walnut

JSG-08 Canadian Walnut

JSG-09 Acacia Exodus

JSG-10 Light Zebrano

JSG-11 Wenge

JSG-12 Nice Wood

JSG-13 Tundra Forest

JSG-14 Arizona Walnut

JSG-15 Sapelle

JSG-16 Rubber Wood

JSG-17 Frassino Pearl

JSG-18 Samara Oak

JSG-19 Aluminium Pearl

JSG-20 Scandinavian Oak

JSG-21 Misty oak

JSG-22 Weathered Oak

JSG-23 American Walnut

JSG-24 Brazilian Walnut

JSG-25 Sunny Bisque

JSG-26 Ironside Oak

JSG-27 White Teak

JSG-28 Irish Walnut

JSG-29 Tigress Teak

JSG-30 Ebony Aspen

JSG-31 Canterbury Oak

JSG-32 Auburn Oak

JSG-33 Smoked Rovere Oak

JSG-34 Clammy Maple

JSG-35 Ebony Peat

JSG-36 Russet Tropica

JSG-37 Ebony Sepia

JSG-38 Tisand Wood

JSG-39 Sapping Veneer L

JSG-40 Sapping Veneer D

JSG-41 Gunstock Walnut

JSG-42 Cafe Ash

JSG-43 Owando Wood Black

JSG-44 Owando Wood White

JSHG-01 Black Currant

JSHG-02 Frosty White

JSHG-03 Black

JSHG-04 Shangrilla

JSHG-06 Steel Pearl

JSHG-08 Carnival Red

JSHG-09 Champagne

JSHG-10 Fiesta Rose

JSHG-11 Lime

JSHG-12 White Lily

JSHG-13 Divine Yellow

JSHG-14 Electric Blue

JSHG-15 Tidal Sand

JSGHG-01 Pure Oak

JSGHG-02 Elevated Wood

JSGHG-03 Misty Dream White

JSGHG-04 Misty Dream Black

JSGHG-05 Aluminium Pearl

JSGHG-07 Sicilian Hor Walnut

JSGHG-08 Mediteraean Oak

JSGHG-09 Orchid Delight

JSGHG-10 Zebra Wood

JSHGH-06 Ivory Frost

At J STILO, we pride ourselves on the use of high-quality products that have been customized for your use. We have strong quality control systems in place to ensure that nothing but the best is dispatched against your order. Such is our commitment to quality that we offer a 5-7 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. This means that all that you order from us will be covered right from the day of installation. We also provide three free servicesover the period of 12 months from the date of handover.

Once you have finalized on your design and the order confirmed, the estimated time of delivery is 30-45 days via standard delivery option. The delivery date is calculated from the date of order confirmation date or final measurement, whichever is later.

While we ensure that you receive your orders within the delivery time indicated in our shipping policies, the unexpected is not something we have control over. In the case of such unforeseen or uncontrollable events, there may be a delay in delivery. As an esteemed customer, we will be in constant touch with you to apprise of any changes in delivery schedules.

For the standard designs, we expect 50% in advance to procure and start the manufacturing process. The balance will be expected once items are completely manufactured and ready for shipment.

For customized interior turnkey solutions we follow a 10-40-50 payment policy. We expect 10% of approximate initial budgeted estimate as advance, which will subsequently be adjusted against the total cost of the project if you decide to take things forward with our design. The next 40% will be expected on finalization of the order and the last 50% must be paid once material is ready for shipment.

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